Hello World!

Hello! My name is Esther Hethcox and recent graduate of the University of Mary Washington. I majored in Women’s & Gender Studies/Journalism with a concentration in Religion.

This subdomain is for my Intro to Digital Studies course, so I am just filling it with the course work I completed for the class. However, if you check out my primary domain you will find what I like to call an “interactive resume,” which provides employers and fellow journalists the chance to see my writing and course work related to journalism. With all of my work added, my hope is that this site will showcase my work and experience in the fields of Women’s & Gender Studies/Journalism. Not only will be exhibit all of my experience, but it will also make applying for jobs easier. Instead of sending in physical copies of my work, I would attach the link to my resume for easy access, and this would greatly help reduce time and paper during the interview process.

While all of this content is not on this subdomain, my digital studies website is still important for my job search. It allows me to fiddle and experiment with different features that I can later add to my professional site. I’ve made it a little more fun than my resume site, which I’m trying to go for a clean, professional look. For this one I chose a pigeon as my background because pigeons are my favorite animal and since this site is supposed to be engaging, I figured it would be good to put a little piece of me as the picture.

In conclusion, I chose WordPress as my website system because I have extensive experience with it. During my time as the online editor for the Blue & Gray Press, I have had to work daily with WordPress to publish the newspaper’s content. Therefore, I wanted to stay with a system that I am used to since I have never created a website from the ground up before.